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Lanky axeman Jona Weinhofen has appeared in Blunt Magazine in his jocks to reveal the latest plans of the revived I Killed The Prom Queen.

I Killed The Prom Queen in 2011

He spoke about the reasons behind former frontman Michael Crafter not rejoining the band:

“There were a number of reasons we decided not to move forward with Crafter, and I guess the biggest one was, without being offensive to him, we parted ways with the guy in 2005 originally and I guess some of those reasons are still valid.

“The reason we did the Say Goodbye tour was almost as a favour to everyone so he could do it and we could all have a bit of fun and we could then close that chapter of the Prom Queen book.”

Jona live with I Killed The Prom Queen

Jona also spoke about how potential new material could turn out:

“We have not completed a single new song. We do have four years of riffs though; stuff from Music For the Recently Deceased that didn’t get used, stuff that I wrote in Bring Me The Horizon for There Is A Hell… that didn’t get used, stuff that Kev wrote for In Trenches that didn’t get used. There is so much spare riffage lying around that it shouldn’t be a problem to bash out something pretty sweet.

“I can’t say what it would sound like at all. I had an idea of what the last Bring Me The Horizon record would sound like and that turned out almost the polar opposite. Now that we have all been in such different bands – Kev in his hessian riff attack band and JJ is playing rapcore, then me playing choir mosh so we’re pretty much gong to be a hessian rapcore choir mosh band!”

I Killed The Prom Queen are joining The Amity Affliction on the Destroy Music tour in May, featuring new singer Jamie Hope, formerly of The Red Shore. See all the tour details here.

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