Korn goes dubstep with Skrillex

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Electronic, Metal, Rock
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Nu metal kings Korn have collaborated with LA DJ Skrillex to produce Get Up, a bastard child combining heavy guitars and nasty beats.

Korn and Skrillex

The song is tipped to be released on Korn‘s upcoming EP, due out in May.

Korn frontman Jonathon Davis spoke to SPIN about the collaboration:

“I heard a few of Skrillex’s re-mixes and really felt there would be a good chance that he would have the right sensibility to connect us to a new hard sound and direction, but still keeping Korn guitars and our vibe.”

“We were just thinking of trying something new, to be honest, so I had my manager reach out to the Skrillex camp. When we got into the studio the connection was instant!”

Korn have put the song for free download here.


  1. tola says:

    there’s a film viraling around the web showing a guy called Korsun playing his dubstep jam to Korn in 2010. Korn appears to never have heard of DUBSTEP ((((: enjoy awkwardness

  2. shantmata says:

    a very important songwriter of this generation said “an artist’s ability to stay relevant is anchored in their ability to change and to do different things”. it shouldn’t matter when you got into a specific sound or type of music, what matters is how you are genuinely inspired you are by that music. i even already stopped listening to korn. but this really just stupid elitism makes korn seem bigger than this tired, pointless and wrong stance that some hipsters have.

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