Ulver discuss new album in rare video interview appearance

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Ambient, Progressive
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Norwegian avant-garde electronic act Ulver have made a rare appearance in a set of video interviews discussing their latest album, Wars of the Roses.

Jørn H. Sværen
and Daniel O’Sullivan appear in the interview, which was cut into four parts and posted on Freethinkers Blog.

O’Sullivan spoke about the first track off the album, February MMX saying:

“It’s a pop song, and it’s the only pop song I would say, in terms of it’s form. I think it’s something that Kris and I have always talked about doing, we once spoke about doing a pop project, total Frankie Goes to Hollywood meets Salt-N-Pepa. But we decided to incorporate that in a band that already exists.”

Discussing the second track, Norwegian Gothic, O’Sullivan said:

“Musically it’s probably the most fragmented piece from the album. It involves Steve Nobel, an improviser from London, he played drums on it. He has a more free-form approach, [his style] involves improvisation and contemporary music. He bought his palette to the table. It works really well because it has this string motif unpinning the whole thing, but everything else is really fragmented, with particles of sound flying around. The words and the strings hold it together. Everything else has this fluid sensibility to it.


Wars of the Roses is due out on April 25, on Kscope.



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