Defeater speak out against violence at shows.

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Hardcore
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Bridge Nine posted a video interview yesterday featuring Massachusetts melodic hardcore upstarts Defeater, where they discuss the storyline behind their new album, their opposition to violence at shows, and playing their first show with Verse and Have Heart.

Guitarist Jay Maas had the following to say about their emphatic opposition to violence at shows:
I’ll straight-up take the Fugazi mentality and stop the song and kick a motherfucker out if I see somebody doing shitty stuff, I hate it. If you come to a Defeater show thinking you’re gonna punch somebody, you are so painfully misled, that is everything we do not stand for. I want you to sing along if you want to, I want you to jump onstage if you want and crowd surf without hurting anybody, but don’t you fucking dare hurt anyone.

Frontman Derek Archambault live

During the lengthy interview, Frontman Derek Archambault also spoke about comparisons to other bands:
We hear the new Verse, the new Have Heart, the new Mod Life, it’s very flattering, but those are bands that are untouchable to us.”

Maas added:
Those are three bands that I know members of, that I absolutely adore and I think put out wonderful records and that’s awesome. And I can understand why people make a parallel. It’s melodic hardcore and they’re delivering things… but at the same time we have a different angle and we’re doing different stuff. I don’t think Verse put out an acoustic EP.” *laughs*

Maas also made a passing reference to Carpathian’s setlist:
“Do we have to play tonight? Carpathian can just play… more songs! They can do their mosh stuff that they never do… Sorry Marty
.” *laughs*

Click here to see the upcoming Australian dates Defeater are playing with Miles Away and Fires of Waco.


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