New track from Heights streaming online in time for upcoming Australian tour.

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Ambient, Hardcore, Metalcore
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If ambient yet crushingly heavy metal/ hardcore sounds like your cup of tea, then you really need to be listening to Heights, UK’s latest export. They have released a three track EP, available for free download at their website, which shows an incredibly mature sound from such a young band. After a powerful performance at Download Festival which attracted some major attention, touring all over Europe with House vs Hurricane and having their van crushed by the German police, the 5-piece are just getting started.

Welwyn Garden City hardcore. That's right. Photo courtesy of the Heights official Facebook page

Recently they released a new song online showcasing a heavier, more metallic direction, which is streaming here. The EP had a greater focus on hypnotic and soaring ambient leads, while the new track hits hard from the get-go with massive riffs, leading into a distortion soaked dirge of an outro. Melbournites familiar with House Vs Hurricane, The Bright Star Alliance and Lovers Grave will find plenty to enjoy in the Heights brand of hardcore.

Heights singer

Live at Hevy Festival 2010. Photo courtesy of the Heights official Facebook page

Heights have just wrapped up a run of six UK shows playing alongside hardcore/ metal act Devil Sold His Soul, and as I write this, the band are on a 30 hour plane trip to our sunny shores. They are touring nationally with headliners The Storm Picturesque, who play a melodic style of deathcore (admitedly deathcore and melodic are not mentioned in the same sentence very often, but have a listen and decide for yourself). The tour kicks off tomorrow (4th of February) and runs until the 19th of February, including shows in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. The promoters have repeatedly hinted at a Melbourne date, so fingers crossed there will be one announced soon (preferably at the Arty).

See the full list of dates at:
The Heights official Myspace.
The Heights official Facebook.
The Heights official website.


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